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School procedures

These differ in each school and they must be followed to the letter. For details see the locations page.

Patient records

We need somewhat different information than you normally keep for your records, and we need all the information to be in a standardized format. For these reasons we shall supply an iPad (with a keyboard) that will allow you to type patients' information into an electronic form during your examination. This form will include free-form fields for any notes you might want to make. Once you complete an exam, you will enter your email address and send the form to yourself. Once you receive the form, you can view it in a PDF reader with a password and then print it and/or save it without encryption.

In case a parent prefers to come to your office rather than the school, please print out the form, use it during your exam, then either mail us a photocopy or email us a scan. Since this version of the form will form will contain identifying information, if emailed it must be encrypted.

Our equipment

  • Muscle light & charging handle
  • Randot stereo test
  • HOTV letters
  • Snellen letter
  • HRR color test
  • Kowa SL-17 handheld slit lamp
  • Prism bar
  • Pinhole occluder
  • Titmus stereo test
  • Streak retinoscope head & battery handles
  • Ophthalmoscope head & battery handle
  • Desk Charger two handles
  • Trial lenses (full set)
  • Welch Allyn indirect ophthalmosocope & battery
  • 20D lens
  • Reichert Phoroptor (negative cylinder) & tabletop stand
  • Pediatric trial frame, axis adjustable
  • Retinoscopy rack
  • Lensometer
  • Macbeth easel lamp & True Daylight Illuminator
  • Spot hand-held autorefractor
  • Lea Symbols
  • iCare tonometer
  • Kay picture test
  • Ruler
  • Acuity Pro computer system & monitor
  • Pupilometer
  • Frame warmer
  • Temple pliers
  • Nosepad pliers

Overview    Parents     Screeners     Locations    Optometrists    Coordinators

Central coordinator: Sally Stafford
Telephones: (1) 844 834 0936 (toll-free)
(1) 647 478 9834 (Toronto)